Socialising Your Pet With Pet Daycare: Tips for Pet Parents

Will Pheromones Help Your Cat Settle in a Cattery?

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While cats are often seen as independent animals that don’t get clingy with people, some may still get anxious when they’re separated from their owners and their home environments during a cattery stay. To combat this anxiety, some catteries use pheromone atomisers, diffusers or sprays to release natural chemicals around cats. This boost of pheromone chemicals may help your cat settle in to its boarding holiday more effectively. How Pheromones Affect Cats Read More»

Four Essential Kitten Supplies for New Owners

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A kitten is an exciting and playful pet without extensive needs, so it is a perfect companion for beginner owners. If you are thinking about adding this cute creature to your family, it is important to make certain that you and your home are prepared before getting the new pet. You will need to purchase relatively numerous supplies to ensure that the kitten is happy and healthy. Here is a descriptive list of the most essential things for your young cat. Read More»

How To Socialise Your Dog Before Kennels

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Many boarding kennels offer their canine guests the opportunity to enjoy supervised exercise periods with other dogs.  This is a great way of breaking up your dog’s day and can help to overcome the homesickness that some dogs suffer whilst away from their owners.  However, if your dog is to safely enjoy this activity, he must first be socialised. Here are some tips on how to socialise your adult dog before his stay in boarding kennels, like Dogdayz Country Club. Read More»